Welcome to "RED WINGS TRAILS".

An exclusive and unique traveling group designed only for 'YOU' who love to travel and be with nature. For women of all ages, backgrounds, professions, ethnicity & representations are welcome to join our trips and tours. We not only take you on holidays but we also make it sure that you love the nature, mountains, sea, valleys, know about people, places, traditions and cultures. Choose us for your planning and we will customise it exactly as per your choices and liking. Bring along your mother, aunt, sister, friends, cousins, colleagues, neighbours,friends in group or you can choose to be completely on your own, the choice is entirely yours.We have travel series for students with activities, Romantic trips for couples, Family trips for great bonding, special trips for Senior Citizens, Corporate outings.We also offer you a beautiful homestay "Living with Nature"~ Oak's Nature Homestay at patal Bhuvneshwar at pithoragrah district of Uttarakhand.India...!!!

Oak's Nature Homestay

Oak's Nature Homestay 

Location: Patal Bhuvneshwar, Kumaon.Uttarakhand

Living with Nature is what we offer at oak's Nature Homestay. The journey of discovery begins once you reach our Homestay. Located in the middle of oak trees and wilderness, oak's Nature homestay is a blessing far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here you breathe fresh air, experience raw nature in the lap of Kumaon Himalayas with curated wildlife safari, rustic village walks, Nature walks, trekking, hiking, and camping life. Our homestay is equipped with cozy rooms. We have open space for events, games, bonfire,s and for campings.

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